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Remember these? Necco Wafers returning to store shelves

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Remember these? Necco Wafers returning to store shelves (Photo:{ }Spangler Candy Company via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) — A classic sweet is making a comeback, according to one of the oldest candy brands in the world.

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They're called Necco Wafers. The Spangler Candy Co. announced Thursday the flavored discs were heading back to store shelves.

The wafers were created in 1847, but the colorful chalky candy disappeared about two years ago.

Spangler says it purchased the brand around that time and has been working on its return ever since.

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The candy should be available at major drug stores across the nation starting June 2020. The plan is for other retailers to start selling the product in the following months.

Another prominent Necco product is the seasonal Sweethearts Conversation Hearts seen around Valentine's Day.