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Don't make homemade license plates while DMV is closed, sheriff's office says

DMV closed.jpeg
The Washington County Sheriff's Office pulled over a driver who had made their own license plate while most DMV locations in Oregon are closed. The sheriff's office asks others to not do this. (Photo: Washington County Sheriff's Office)

NORTH PLAINS, Ore. (KATU) — A driver in North Plains, Oregon was pulled over recently for what you might call "DIY DMV."

A Washington County Sheriff's Office deputy snapped photos of the person's makeshift license plate. It reads "DMV Closed." It also has the date 12/21 drawn on it.

Under Oregon Gov. Kate Brown's "Stay Home, Save Lives" executive order to combat the coronavirus pandemic, only six Oregon DMV offices are open, by appointment only. Even in counties approved for phase one of reopening, DMV offices are still closed.

So, one driver crafted their own license plate.

While the sheriff's office admits this driver got points for creativity, they ask others not to do this on their own vehicles.

The sheriff's office says it's OK to leave your expired plate on the car until the DMV reopens.