Friday Night Rivals Game of the Week: Parker vs Hueytown

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Friday Night Rivals Game of the Week | Hueytown vs Parker

Final: Hueytown 22-18 Parker

Hueytown moved to (6-1) on the season after successfully holding off Parker's 4th quarter comeback in a game defined by turnovers.

Hueytown wasted no time at all getting on the board, returning the opening kickoff 87 yards for the touchdown.

Following the opening kickoff return, Parker (3-3) manufactured a long drive that extended into Hueytown territory. Instead of a field goal attempt, Parker opted to go for it on 4th down inside Hueytown's redzone and left empty-handed.

A fruitless Hueytown drive gave Parker the ball back at their own 20-yard line, but an errant pass turned into an interception by Hueytown's Trey Doriety.

A long run by Hueytown's Reese set up a field goal and extended Hueytown's lead 9-0.

Parker's next possession was cut short by a fumble that quickly turned into points for Hueytown.

Hueytown used a huge run on the last play of the first quarter to set up another touchdown, extending their lead to 22-0.

Parker, in need of a big play, got just that when Parker's JT Anchrum picked off a Hueytown pass and returned it to the endzone.

Hueytown fumbled on their next possession, giving Parker good field position to narrow the lead before halftime. Parker was able to move the ball into the redzone, but once again opted for a 4th down attempt that failed.

Halftime Score: 22-6

A scoreless 3rd quarter gave way to an exciting final 12 minutes of play, as Parker finally found a rhythm on offense.

A 38 yard run by Minter to the endzone gave Parker the first points of the second half. As in the first half, Parker opted to forgo the kicking game and tried for 2 again, but failed.

The first half hero for Hueytown, Reese, gave Parker added momentum on the next drive when he fumbled the ball away.

Parker jumped on the opportunity with a deep pass from Minter that landed just over the outstretched hands of a Hueytown defender for the catch and score.

But Parker's comeback magic ended there as Hueytown was able to run out the clock and end any chance for Parker to come back.

Final: Hueytown 22-18 Parker