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WATCH: Firebird roller coaster debuts at Six Flags America

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WATCH: Firebird roller coaster debuts at Six Flags America (Six Flags America)

WASHINGTON (SBG) -- The Firebird roller coaster recently made its debut at the Six Flags America amusement park in Largo, Maryland.

DC Refined's Amanda Andrade-Rhoades recently got a chance to ride the suspenseful roller coaster and has provided us with a review of what it is like:

Firebird is truly a roller coaster.

The floor-less ride zips visitors upside down, though sharp turns and the ride itself is floor-less so your feet are dangling as you fly over 90 feet above the ground.

On the last turn, there's also a burst of fire from a faux-volcano on the ground. The ride lasts two minutes and it's definitely not suited for people who are shy about roller coasters.

Although I was able to keep my glasses on for the ride, I didn't heed the warning about wearing bulky earrings so I squashed my own ear against the headrest during one of the figure-eight turns - no damage was done, but don't make my mistake.

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