KFC appoints Ray Liotta as new Colonel Sanders

ray liotta kfc.jpg
Ray Liotta is taking over the role of Colonel Sanders for KFC. (YouTube/KFC)

Ray Liotta has been cast as Colonel Sanders, the face of KFC, for a new ad campaign.

The "Goodfellas" star will appear in advertisements for the fast food chain's Georgia Gold honey mustard BBQ chicken and spicy and smoky Nashville Hot chicken sandwiches and tenders.

He will take on double duty as he decides which flavor is his favourite.

"When they asked me to take on twice the role of any Colonel before me, I thought, 'Man, this is really going to be interesting and will be a role I haven't been able to take on before'," he says. "But as I got into character and put on that infamous Colonel moustache I really was able to have fun with it and enjoy playing the person that is seen in commercials and billboards across the nation."

The late KFC figurehead has previously been portrayed on TV by actor Rob Lowe and comedians Jim Gaffigan, Norm McDonald and Darrell Hammond.