GoFundMe launched to get Vulcan an umbrella


When Matt Mitchell took notice of the recent unrelenting rain, he thought of someone who was left high and not-so-dry: Vulcan.

Mitchell thought about how he has been exposed to the elements and nobody has brought him inside. Although many suggested that he get the God of Fire some pants, he decided coverage was the way to go, given the sweltering Alabama summers.

Mitchell took to social media to "buy a giant umbrella for Vulcan." When he made the GoFundMe on Thursday, he thought it was a crazy enough idea that just might work. So, he decided all the funds raised would go to a charity. Mitchell, who formerly worked at the Walker County Department of Human Resources, eventually landed on the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama.

"It has definitely been shared a lot on social media. That is the thing: I hope that people get a good laugh at it and maybe click the link to see where the money is really going. That is kind of helping push it along. It is just a creative way to help raise money for a good cause, and I hope it inspires more things like this. Things like this get shared a lot on social media, so I hope that this inspires more things like that so we can have a great laugh and help a great cause at the same time."

Mitchell set a goal of $10,000. He says it would be great to reach it, but any amount of money helps and goes a long way.

"Maybe, with time, we consider getting Vulcan some shade, some cover," Mitchell said. "Maybe a retractable awning that can go on and off. It is just an idea."