Democratic socialists making anti-capitalist push in Birmingham

bham free store.JPG
Democratic Socialists of Birmingham

Everything at this store is "free," according to a social media post from the Democratic Socialists of America - Birmingham (DSA).

Representative Asher Stubsten tells ABC 33/40 that her anarchist comrades are running The Birmingham Free Store in partnership with the democratic socialists.

The Birmingham Free Store will open this time next month if the Birmingham-based groups can pull enough cash together to pay the first month's rent.

In the post, the Birmingham DSA defines the store:

The (physical) Birmingham Free Store will be a radical space not just for the store itself, but for DSA meetings and events as well as a community space for other happenings.

The group calls for people to "REJECT CAPITALISM" by donating to the cause in hopes that one day money, and "the evils that come with it," no longer exist.