Alabama librarians spooked after seeing floating orbs


A group of east Alabama librarians say something spooky is happening in the stacks.

They’re seeing floating orbs and moving objects. Some even say they’ve been touched.

Jenni Jennings has worked at the Talladega Osborne-Armstrong Library for just two years. At first, she was skeptical about the stories her coworkers were telling her.

“Then all of the sudden when I start hearing things and seeing things, and then other new people start hearing things it’s like, ok this is real. This isn’t just people making stuff up,” said Jennings.

She says everyone who works there has a story:

Doors opening inside the building.

“Almost hit her in the face and no one was on the other side,” said Jennings.

Books moving, even flying off shelves in front of multiple people.

“It didn’t you know fall and tumble, it flew off the shelf,” said Jennings.

Then, there’s the orbs.

“The orbs I’ve seen were probably about the size you’ve witnessed smaller. The bigger stuff has been the we call it 'the shadow man,'” said Jennings.

Even the skeptic of the group, Fabriesha Smith, has seen the so-called specter.

“It could have just been the light shining through... it looked like it was just standing there, waving,” said Smith, who was on her way out from work when the sighting occurred. Even so, she remains skeptical.

“There’s an explanation for everything pretty much...Most stuff,” said Smith.

Just not when it comes to what happened to a box full of labels she was working with, alone in a room.

“It was like somebody hit the box from the bottom and they came flying out of the box, and I don’t know why that happened,” said Smith.

Most ladies chalk it up to spirits that came with civil war era memorabilia, kept in the same room the orbs float in.

They’ve even got a name for their shadow man who waves them goodbye: Fred.