6 babies born at Florida hospital during Hurricane Dorian

baby 5.PNG
Baby Alina (Orange Park Medical Center)

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (WSET) -- A hospital near Jacksonville, Florida said Hurricane Dorian is responsible for a number of births.

Orange Park Medical Center reported six births as Dorian passed through the area, three on Tuesday and three on Wednesday.

The hospital shared photos of the babies in a post on Facebook with a caption that reads "Welcome to the [world]! Meet these adorable little ones that joined the world during Hurricane Dorian."

They released a statement saying hurricanes cause low barometric pressure which can bring on labor.

Anytime there's a hurricane in the area, the hospital said they make sure their team is ready for an influx of patients.

Each child was dressed in a onesie that was hurricane themed.

Young Kiami's outfit read "Little Hurricane" in cursive letters. Baby Alina's white onesie read "After a hurricane comes a" followed by a colorful rainbow. Yuliana wore a striped bow with a romper that read "I was part of the hurricane evacuation plan" and Baby Charlotte's clothes simply stated she is a "category 5 cutie."