Report: Billy Baldwin investigated over alleged Twitter threat toward Trump supporter

The Baldwin Brothers, Sal Valentinetti and others attend the Long Island Hospitality Ball Featuring: Billy Baldwin Where: Woodbury, New York, United States When: 26 Jun 2017 Credit: Rob Rich/

A teenager has filed a police report against Billy Baldwin for what he believes was a credible threat against his life, according to a new report.

According to The Blast, 19-year-old Jacob Wohl filed a police report August 9 over a tweet Billy published that day that stated "Give this kid the beat down he deserves... #HitlerYouth."

Wohl told the blast he was particularly upset with the #HitlerYouth hashtag because he is Jewish.

The Blast reports the district attorney for Riverside County decided not to press charges, so the case was rejected and closed.

Baldwin had not yet responded to the allegation as of the time of this post.